January 26, 2007

Customer Service is dead.

Well, my Internet connection continues to be a hit or miss proposition. Comcast can only tell me they hare having "service interruptions". No kidding, I spent 38 minutes on hold to have you point out the obvious?

Comcast did send me information on how to contact a troubleshooting representative, live and ON LINE, the next time I am having issues with my high speed internet. Let me see if I can understand this, the next time the internet goes down I should visit their website for technical help?

I had a similar issue with my mortgage company this week. I received my 1098 and they had my interest payments wrong. I called the number for the mortgage company (of course it was someone in India). I said the form was wrong. He told me he would get a duplicate copy for me, did I need anything else. I told him the form was wrong. He said they would send me another copy. I asked him how they calculated the interest. He did not know, but would have accounting send me another copy of the form 1098. I said I do not want another copy of the damn form, I want a corrected form. He told me his screen showed I paid xxx in interest (the same as my wrong 1098). I said I know what your screen says, it is wrong. He said he could have it recalculated! Finally. Anyone want to take bets I get a duplicate 1098, the same as the one I already have that is incorrect?

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