January 25, 2007

Moral High Ground

One of the reasons the Dimocritters gained control of Congress was the relentless media hammering of the Senate leadership over Mark Foley. If you do not remember your "outrage" Senator Foley sent Emails propositioning 18 year old male pages. There is no evidence he had any contact at all. Foley resigned and the Republican leadership was hounded by Democrats and the media. The majority leaders were encouraged to step down since they knew about this terrible behavior and did nothing.

It has happened again, a Senator has actually slept in a motel room in the same bed with an 18 year old male page. The page alleges there was sexual contact, the Senator claims he was just sleeping with the boy as if he were a family member or a nephew (eyeww). The Senate has known about this contact for some time. Where are the front page headlines? Where are the calls for resignation? Where are the suggestions the Democrat leadership resign? Angela, maybe you and your multiple personalities would like weigh in on this one?

By the way, if you have not yet figured it out, the Senator in Question is a Democrat, Dan Sutton from South Dakota. I guess is OK to try and diddle boys if you are of the correct political party. I guess it is OK to take bribes and keep your office if you in the right political party (Rep Jefferson, your freezer is full of cash!).

OK, Angela, now I put in a reference to person of color, so now I guess you can accuse me of wearing Klan robes. I also mentioned diddling little boys, so I guess that makes me homophobic, too. Did I cover it all, or should I confess that I also hate hippies and commies and smug little assholes.

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