January 4, 2007

Dear Darian, Part Deux

Well I guess my latest critic does not have any more to say. Too bad, I was just getting warmed up. Based on the comments, I think many of my regular readers were enjoying the fun also.

This site needs more excitement like that. I welcome those who want to attack me, debate me, insult me. It makes the day so enjoyable to put people in their proper place.

I notice a similar theme in the forum of public debate. When I am driving and listening to talk radio, there is a certain political persuasion that takes delight in jumping in, making insulting and accusatory remarks, then fleeing before they have to actually back up their words with facts. Funny, these are the same people who cut and ran from Vietnam, deserting our allies, and now propose a similar strategy in Iraq. I bet these were the kids on the playground who hit you from behind with a snowball, or sneered at you behind the local bully, a sycophantic coward to the end.

Yesterday is past and time to move on. Target will not play, Darian will not play, we have exhausted the Presidential loser debate. I believe nearly all agreed that Carter was/is/remains the worst President in recent memory. I am surprised Millard Fillmore and James Buchanan did not get more votes, but I am not one to judge (well, sure I am).

I did a load of laundry before work, and the dishwasher is now running. I made a pot of chili last night (you Texicans would have been disgusted I am sure). I will put a roast in the crockpot at lunch. Now I am off to do some important sales-type work. I need that bi-weekly paycheck.

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