January 3, 2007

Dear Darian

I was going to work some more on my WWII post, but in the end the entry will be critical of both the British and the French. I know you were most disturbed I was critical of Tar-jey, so let me know if it is OK to publish a post on that topic.

I went to your website to see what kind of materials you approved of, but it looks like you focus mainly on aspects of corporate life.

I guess I could talk about my days in the corporate cubicle farm. I could tell how the guy in the cubicle next me and I used to share jokes. We both knew just about every joke ever written, so we would sometimes just shout a punchline over the wall. Sometimes we would put a Post-it note with a punchline on the other guy's monitor screen if one of us was in the plant. I could tell you about the time I returned from vacation and they had moved my cubicle. It was just gone. Oh, my gosh, I better stop, my side hurts.

Anyway, this dumb country hick is searching in vain for a topic that meets with your approbation. I guess I will go to the back forty and shovel pig turds while I wait your response. I could drive the tractor down to the old general store to get some Red Man or Beech Nut (I like the wintergreen flavor). Shucks my picket fence needs painted too, I guess I better wait until the pump gets unfroze.

Darian, let me know what I should post next about. Gotta go, there is a bunch of city slickers canoeing down the river, one of them sure has a pretty mouth....

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