January 31, 2007

Filthy Hippies

I am watching the VH1 Movies that Rock and today the movie is Woodstock

What tripe. Great music, but the message is just more filthy dirty hippies spouting the peacelovecommie bullshit that cost us the war in Vietnam. The same assholes are trying to do it again today. These asshats really believed if they just all collectively chanted "no rain" it would stop the storm. Well, I blame the whole thing on Global Warming. It was hot at Woodstock.

Joe Cocker is doing his thing, I am reminded of John Belushi's great imitation. I have never been able to watch Cocker perform since without cracking up. The Who just rock. Did you know that Sha Na Na performed at Woodstock? I had forgotten that. Do you remember their TV Show? My Dad loved that garbage. He also liked Hee Haw.

I saw a clip of that traitorous bitch Jane Fonda on O'Reilly a bit ago. A reporter asked her if she had any guilt about the millions of Vietnamese and Laotians that were massacred in the wake of the Democrat inspired cut and run policy in SE Asia. She replied "no, we should have never been there to start with". Why she was not executed as a traitor remains one of the biggest mysteries of the last century, in my mind.

Too bad you did not eat the brown acid you hippie motherfuckers. You are plague to our nation today.

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