January 16, 2007

I won

Official Website: www.dayzers.nl

Attn. Beneficiary,

Dayzers Lotterij Nederland is proud to notify you of an e-mail Lottery
Ballot - Global Gaming Board Sweepstakes Program held on the 15th day
of January, 2007. Your e-mail address attached to our Lottery payment
order with the following particulars;

a. Ticket Nr. DZNL - 875-329-1615/2006
b. Lucky Nr. 034, 057, 067, 042, 036, 023, 083
c. Reference Nr. DZNL/DZLOT/75300PTT
d. Batch Nr. SCAX 9123 6634PS6

Which consequently won you the lottery in the first category. You have
therefore been approved to claim a total sum of "One Million Euro" only
(1,000.000.00) in cash credited to your file reference number as quoted
above. This amount is from a total cash prize of "Sixty Million Euro"
only (60,000.000.00) to be disbursed to the sixty (60) lucky winners in
this category.

All participants to this draw were randomly selected
from the internet through a computer draw system extracted from over
150 countries listed online by Microsoft Corporation to encourage
companies and individuals with websites and e-mail addresses promote
this lottery exercise which takes place every decade.

A payment authorization of your prize "One Million Euro" only (1,000.000.00)
already paid and insured on your name with our paying Bank shall be
issued to facilitate immediate and swift transfer of the sum on the
term and mode you prefer and nominate upon satisfactory report on your
identity verification and validation recommended by our claim agent.

It is our privilege to inform you that over "Three hundred million
euro" ( 300,000.000.00) is won annually in more than 150 countries
globally through our highly Efficient Promotion Programs.

To avoid a mix-up of identity and double claim, you are advised to keep your
winning information secret and confidential until your claim has been
processed and your money paid into your designated/nominated account.
All winners must make their claim not later than the 30th day of
Febuary, 2007.
At the expiration of this date, all unclaimed funds shall
be returned for future draws.

To file for your claim, please contact
our claim agent:
Contact person: Mr. Wouters W. Richard
(International Processing Department).
Telephone: +31-614-385-272
Email: lotterijagent@aim.com

For your identity verification. Do not forget to quote your (i)
Full name and Nationality (ii) Reference Number and (iii) Batch Number.

Once more, accept our congratulations.

Yours faithfully,

Anita Van Eindhoven
(Lottery Co-ordination)

This is the fifth international lottery I have won this week. I have some time to claim this one, until the 30th of Febuary [sic]!

I have sent my bank and credit card info to them. I also included a power of attorney, just in case something came up. See you in the Riviera!

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