January 16, 2007

Just Before the Battle, Mother

I downed the last of my coffee and spat out a few stray dregs into the grass. I picked up my rifle and checked the load. I checked my belt, plenty of spare ammo, canteen, knife. I was ready. I put on my hat and buckled the belt tighter, I did not want things moving when I went into action.

I set my mind on the task at hand, no mercy, just fight to the end. I told myself I have done this before, I will do it again. There are always assholes to slay.

I entered into Haloscan ready to battle assholes and nitwits only to find the ground strewn with bodies. "You are late again, Hoosierboy", a voice said. I spun on my heels ready for attack. Big Dick looked at me with a manic grin. He lifted the bottle of Tequila in a silent toast and flicked away the stub of his cigarette. A bloody, double-edged machete lie on the ground next to him. He laughed and said "You attract some strange enemies, boy. Too bad they are all pussies that run at the first sign of a fight."

I relaxed and held out my hand. A quick shake was followed by a hit from the bottle. I pulled out a cigar and lit it up. I proffered another to Dick. Rich smoke drifted away and mingled with the copper-sweet smell of blood. We laughed and wondered what tomorrow would bring. We both knew assholes and dickwads grow like weeds, there are always more...

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