January 14, 2007

Mr. Wizard

Bring this turtle home, the world is topsy-turvey.

Sixty degrees in January. No snow all winter. Dems in charge. Peyton has become Eli. The Colts defense has become the Bears. The Colts play a hard physical game on both sides of the ball. I am not sure what drugs I am taking but they are good.

As we were watching the old Colts/new Colts game last night my wife makes a great comment about "money" kicker Adam Vinetari. "Why would New England get rid of him?", she asked. Now I will draw no conclusions about the fact this question was asked not after one of his five field goals, but rather after the network ran an AT&T commercial showing Adam and his house. I make this projection -- the Patriots are going to rue the day they let him go, during these playoffs.

A pundit in the Baltimore Sun actually wrote this morning that Baltimore can never let go of the Colts until they knock Indy from the payoffs. As I have stated here before, just let it go, dude. 2015, the big year when the Colts will have been in Indy longer than they were in Baltimore, will that be long enough? The ragheads have not forgotten the cornholing they took from the Knight Templars about a century ago (maybe they remember 'cause they liked it?), so I guess if I lived in a corrupt Dimocrat-controlled hellhole like Baltimore I would fixate on an event that happened a generation ago also. So that I can understand the Baltimore angst I am going to dedicate my life to reliving the Cubs collapse in the playoffs to the Padres more than two decades ago. Damn you evil Padres in your ice cream vendor shirts!

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