January 15, 2007

Manic Monday

I hate that song.

Rain. The creek is about to leap its banks. The meadow beyond sports standing water in several places.

A customer left his cell phone in my car Friday. I will return it today. It is a nice Blackberry, think he will notice if I swap phones with him?

Travelling with the boss this week. I will have to up my game a little I guess. Note to self -- do not flick boogies toward the passenger seat when said passenger does your evaluation.

It would be nice to get laid this week.

Man, I expected argument in the comments of the post about guitarists, but some of you are jerks. I have apparently gained some new readers in recent weeks, and some of you guys are real dickheads. i will say this, you better bring a stronger game if you want to claim Lincoln was our greatest President.

It is MLK Day. Great man, but not worthy of a National Holiday. Washington, Lincoln, TR, Reagan, even FDR did more to make America what it is today. How the so-called leaders of the black community can stand tall today when they have corrupted MLK's dream is beyond me. How do quotas, and reparations, and welfare generations, and the united Negro College Fund speak to a color blind society? Fuck you Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and Louie Farakhan, race baiters and haters and corrupt bottom feeders getting rich from the suffering of the very people they hold down.

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