January 30, 2007

Old 1084

I cleared the snow from the patio and grilled some fine strip steaks this evening. Baked potatoes and salad completed the feast. Man, lettuce and tomatoes are like eating gold these days.

It was colder than the gates of hell outside but worth every freezing second to eat those steaks. I cook on the grill year-round and for you purists, that is why I have a gas grill. One could not deal with charcoal when it gets dark around six in the evening and the wind howls around the eves, blowing snow. The windchill was a brisk sixteen degrees, and the triple flames on the Brinkman kept me warm.

We had a berry cobbler later for desert. The little one made some ice cream, since he does not like cobbler. He learned this in science class. Here is how he does it, and it is as close to homemade ice cream as you can get without dragging out the freezer:

1/2 C milk
1/2 C heavy cream
3t sugar (or more to taste)
1/2t vanilla extract

mix ingredients in a sandwich size zip loc baggie -- make sure it is sealed tight.

Place the small baggie inside a gallon size zip loc bag filled just over half full with ice. Cover the ice with salt (kosher or ice cream salt work best, but table salt will do -- do not be stingy)again, make sure the small baggie is sealed tight.

Shake the big bag with the salt, ice, and little baggie about 8-10 minutes until the ice cream solidifies.

Open the big baggie and remove the small baggie, rinse off the salt from the outside.
Squeeze into a bowl and enjoy.

You get it all here -- politics, jokes, cooking...I bet you are asking "Is there anything he cannot cover?"

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