January 10, 2007

One more reason to NEVER shop at Target

Go read this story at Big Dick's Place. I will wait. tapatap.

There you see, not only is Target trying to make a thief out of a wonderful woman, they are trying their best to girlyfy a good man. Thongs are for pussies, period. Now, I am sure there are some "men" in San Francisco or in the Democrat Party that are all for wearing baby blue man thongs. We do not need Target's help in pussyfying the American Male. Did the Duke wear a thong? Hell no, and I ain't gonna wear one either. If you wear a man-thong get the hell off this page and do not come back. Narrow-minded ? Sure I am, I just roll that way when it comes to man thongs.

It is time we take back our country, no more WWJD, we need to ask ourselves WWTDD (What Would the Duke Do). That, my friends is the standard to live by.

Male thongs, indeed.

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