February 9, 2007

Art Linkletter, where are you...

My wife is an teacher's aide in a kindergarten class. Each week the kids are challenged to bring in a show and tell that goes with that week's featured letter. For instance a kid might bring in an apple for "A" or a stuffed lion for "L".

This week the letter was "Q". Some of the kids brought in playing cards with a queen. Some brought in a quarter. One little girl was stumped. She rushed in to class this morning all excited.

"Mrs. HB", she cried, "I found something. No one else thought of this for show and tell." She reached into her sack and pulled out a box of Cheese Nips. "Look", she said. "Qwackers" in complete seriousness.

My wife said she had to leaver the room she was laughing so hard.

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