February 8, 2007

Home Alone

I left my hotel in beautiful Ybor City at 5:45am this morning. I am now back home. I had to scrape a half foot of snow from my car. The temperature was 3 degrees in Indy when we landed. It is now a balmy five.

The boys had done a fair job cleaning the drive, I was surprised. I hope they did not make their mom help, else there will be some ass kicking this evening.

Two days at a trade show, now I get to go to the BMV this afternoon. I am not sure why I did not schedule a root canal, just to complete the week's trifecta of pain.

I am glad to be home, but I already miss the warm breezes of the Sunshine State.

I did not get an opportunity to meet any of my blog buds this trip, I hope to be back for vacation in March / April and I will try to hook up then!

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