February 11, 2007

Just a thought

You know it is a screwed up world when you go outside, sans gloves, coat unzipped. You do not get cold because it is a balmy twelve degrees. I guess it is what you get used to. I remember once seeing a picture of one of the expeditions to the South Pole and the guys were in snow up to their waist. The were shoveling a path in their shirt sleeves. A couple of the men were working without a shirt! The human body is an amazing study in endurance and adaptability. Few animals or machines can outmatch the human body for its adaptive properties. From subzero to over one hundred degrees we keep on ticking. We process information, learn, adapt, work. There are machines that process information faster and can calculate problems far above our brain. There are bigger stronger faster animals. We build those machines, we are the top predator on the planet. Some machines and animals can do some tasks better than the human. There is not a machine or animal that can do all we do. Tell me again there is no God.

I saw several robins on Friday. It was two degrees outside. How weird is that?

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