March 5, 2007

Plop Plop fizz fizz

The wife is home sick today. She puked more Saturday night than I have ever seen from a single human being. Everywhere -- the bathroom floor, rug, sink, her arms, her shoes. her pants...She did not have a drop to drink. She ate the same food as the rest of us. To make it worse, we where at our friends house. It is bad enough to puke up your own house, but some one else's? She is still weak and sore today. This means a major inconvenience since my "office" is in the bedroom. Hey, It is all about me, people.

Yesterday I did nothing. Read blogs, watched movies. I did not shower, I did not shave. I did brush my teeth. Threw a couple of hot dogs on the grill for supper for me and the little one. The oldest was off delivering pizzas.

Baseball tryouts are Saturday, I guess spring is nearly here, you sure cannot tell by the weather. I am ready, the boy is ready. Too bad we have not been able to throw a ball -- there has been snow on the ground for weeks, or else rain and cold or all three. He has not thrown since he shattered his arm playing football. He did do a little inside batting last month, at least.

I have the Mommas and the Papas running through the old brain pan this morning. Guess which tune?

have several blogs to add to the old blogroll, as soon as I get the ambition and courage to attack the old template. Patience people.

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