March 4, 2007


Sunday. Here I am cruising through the old blogroll. This is the day I check in on the slackers, the Goldblooms those who do not posts anymore.

How are the reruns going over? I have enjoyed reading some of the old stuff. I sit here at the keyboard, usually writing in a stream of consciousness -- brain to fingers to a poorly spelled incoherent rambling and on to the vast wasteland of the ethernet. The words and thoughts gone but never lost.

How do you write? I usually think the idea in my head and the words flow to "paper". This is how I wrote term papers as well in college. I would get the beginning in my head and the rest would just flow. Even very long papers - 10, 20 pages in length I would usually write at one sitting, stopping only to find a fact, a quote, a reference. I write this blog that way. Usually I do little or no revision once the idea is committed to words. Maybe you can tell?

A pair of cardinals are sitting in the magnolia, and the neighbors cat is looking at me through the patio door. The dryer is banging away as my son's work clothes tumble. Happy Sunday.

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