April 25, 2007

Deep thoughts

I dropped a roast into the crockpot yesterday along with a few potatoes. After baseball practice we had a nice little supper. I was scheduled for practice on Wednesday, but one of the other coaches asked me to switch. Too bad for him, it was Chamber of Commerce weather yesterday (sunny 73 degrees) and it supposed to rain all day today. Too bad for him. Tawnt pee pour ill as the French surrender monkeys would say phonetically.

I have no motivation today. It is taking supreme willpower just to hammer out this worthless drivel. The brain is not working, and you will suffer for it, assuming you are still reading. Are you there? Hello?

Are you waiting for something pithy, smart, funny, educational? Not today, not here, not right now. Go read some of the links over there on the right. Come back later and maybe I will have something interesting. Or maybe not.

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