May 30, 2007

Dear George

The American people want the illegals out. Gone. Sent to whence they came.

The American people do not want Amnesty.

The American people do not want a lousy $3,000 fine few will pay.

I do not care about splitting families. The wife and kids can go too. When one commits any crime, that splits up families. It sucks, but every illegal knew they were breaking our laws. Do not do the crime...

We are sick of "push one for English"

We are sick of ten hour waits at the emergency room because it is filled with illegals with sore throats.

We are sick of having to pay for extra teacher's aides, court interpreters, etc. because a segment cannot, and often will not, speak the common language. My German relatives changed their name to make it sound more 'English'. Learning the language was their first priority.

I am sick of mariachi music. And take the skunky Corona back to Mexico too.

George, you are wrong to chastise the American people. You are wrong to offer amnesty. Reagan made this mistake, do not follow his poor example.

Close the border. Tax HEAVILY any funds transfers out of the country. Fine every business caught hiring illegals $100,000 for EACH illegal they have hired. The next time double the fine, and double it again until they stop. Prosecute any Mayor, police chief and sheriff who refuse to enforce and report immigration laws. They are failing to uphold their sworn oath to uphold the laws of this country. If your own Justice Department is not enforcing the immigration laws currently on the books -- well, for that George, you should be impeached.

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