May 30, 2007

Dear Obama -- Are you stupid?

Whew hoo, we finally won a ballgame last night. After a five game losing streak. The boy still is struggling at the plate, he hits the ball right to someone EVERY time. Hard line drives, deep fly balls, hopping grounders, it does not matter. The odds will turn in his favor eventually.

Osama Obama says he wants to provide insurance for everyone. We will all pay lower premiums. Businesses will cover the extra costs. This is just one more example of why the Dimocrats are ignorant about business. Companies are in business to make money. Without profits to reinvest, to pay the shareholders and owners that business will be closed. When the government adds regulations and costs to a business they pass it to the consumer. Why have your utility bills doubled and doubled in the last decade?-- regulation and Government costs. The same for every item you buy. If the Socialists get their way and add the cost of health insurance for everyone to a business, then we will all pay more in the price of cheese, bread, cars, appliances, houses, lumber -- everything we buy. Who does that hurt -- the poor. Hello inflation, goodbye expanding economy.

Look, you cannot provide more of a good at a lower cost -- especially a service. There are no economies of scale in health care. Already those interested in Medical School are turning from family practice, fewer want to be doctors. Lawyers, Medicaid and HMOs are strangling doctors, and this will only make it worse. Universal health care is not the answer. If you want to wait a year for non-emergency surgery, if waiting a month for a doctor visit is the care you want -- then you should vote for this nit-wit. If you want the cost of medical treatment to drop -- reign in the lawyers.


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