June 17, 2007

A Real Pain in the Butt

The boy has a big black and blue and green bruise on his ass. It is in the shape of a baseball. Friday night you could even see the seam marks. He is not unaccustomed to being hit while batting. If you play much baseball it is going to happen. When he was younger he was hit at least once every game, not because he crowds the plate, but because he bats left handed. Young pitchers tend to throw to the outside corner and since 99% of the batters are right handed -- the lefties get hit. Once, as a nine year old, he was hit four times in one game during an all-star tournament. As he is older and playing with the big boys he is not hit so often, once early in the season he was struck on the foot and hard on Friday, right in the ass. He turned to roll away, but the ball still got him. I bet you would have a bruise too if you were hit by an object traveling about seventy miles per hour (112 kph for my metric minded readers).

We played some miniature golf last night. We had a lot of fun, I still cannot believe my wife beat me. I did not get any father's day nookie, but hope springs eternal, there is still tonight. I think the odds are better that I will win the lottery. How sad is that?

Happy Father's Day to you pops out there.

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