June 16, 2007

Saturday snot drops

I spent a good portion of the morning writing a long political post. I decided not to publish it today because my weekend traffic is lower than my normal anemic hit count. I want to make sure the trolls (Where are you guys?) have an opportunity to read it. Their moms are probably making them wash their pee-stained sheets from the basement bedroom today. Plus, the Fantastic Four movie came out, trolls can never miss a comic book movie. Here is a spoiler: Stan Lee is in the movie in a cameo shot. I know some of you are sporting wood at the very mention of that.

I am also eating bacon today. I am glad you joos and muslims do not partake -- more for me!

The baseball team kicked ass last night. The boy played really well, made a couple of spectacular stops at second base. The tournament starts on Monday and we play the same team we defeated yesterday.

I have to mow the yard today. Our extended drought means the grass is brown and crunchy, but the weeds are making the whole lawn look pretty shaggy.

Happy Father's Day to you all tomorrow. Ladies, if you are not sure what to get your man -- all he really wants is a little nookie. Trust me on this. I would never lead you astray.

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