June 28, 2007

Too long for a comment

Here are more words of wisdom from our Prozacian Buddy:
I've also seen the tact you are taking in this subject before: acting like you are offended (ha, right) that I used a yokel voice to make fun of your position. I can see why it would anger you, but for you to trot out the laughable argument that I am somehow being a racist (or whatever - an accentist? I don't know what to call it - it's almost as absurd as the Seinfeldian term 'anti-dentite') is absurd, and is a weak defense at best.

Do you mind pointing out in my archives I have taken this position previously? ...chirp.....chirp..... That is what I thought. Your lack of education and debate skills is increasingly obvious. The point of my post was not a defense at all of my position on illegal immigration, but merely pointing out your only criticism of my position was that I was a bigot. I suggested you look at your own rhetoric prior to chucking rocks at my front window.

If you want to defend why we should reward illegal behavior I am all eyes and ears. If you want to continue name calling, well, I will win. If I don't...Big Dick WILL.


Anonymous said...

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