July 7, 2007


2:52 am. My old buddy insomnia has returned to pay me a visit. It has been almost a week, I would like to say I missed him. I am reading today's posts on the old blogroll and watching a rerun of Let's Make a Deal. It is sure good to be me. I just finished a book about the Beatles called "Ticket to Ride" by Larry Kane. The book chronicles the Beatles tours of 1964 and 1965. Kane was the only reporter to hit every stop with the band. The stories are interesting but he is not a great writer. In fact he sucks as a writer. I might even be better. The book is still worth a read, if you like that type story. Or not, I really do not care. Hanging with Mr. Insomnia makes me a bit peevish. Joy to you -- you get a live blog of my mind.

Monte Hall just gave away a brand new Camaro. It cost $4,400 dollars.

Hold on, I have to find something else to watch, I hate the Amazing Race. Preachers, Infomercials -- do any of those get rich quick schemes work? Do people really send their money to those guys for the tapes? Real Estate, weight loss, insurance, the silver bullet, some kind of panini press is there no real TV on late night any more?. Oh my God, is that Peter Fonda hawking 60s music? He looks like shit. How many face lifts can a person have? Poker, I would rather watch pool or bowling. Of course, maybe that would put me to sleep. Nancy Grace: can she really be the monumental bitch she appears on TV? Seriously, if there were a Mount Rushmore of Cunts, She and Hillary would be front and center. Sorry ladies, I know most of you find that word totally offensive. One day I am going to publish a post prior to spellcheck so you know what a moron I really am (tottalyy). OK, it looks like Emeril wins...Shut up and cook already.

3:14. At least no one is begging me to get off the computer so they can check their 'myspace'. The bad part is I am bored. When I am bored I eat. When I eat I get fatter. Well I could get one of those Rascal Scooters I just saw on TV. I see the fat cows driving them at WalMart.

There is a whole list of stuff that has pissed me off today. I am not going to bore you with it, but I bet tomorrow (today already?) will not get better. Emeril is not cutting the mustard -- hah a pun.

3:28/ Bored yet? I am. Good Night.

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