July 6, 2007

Friday Five

I sit here drinking my coffee and trying to find the words to entertain you. You are pretty damn demanding, you know. Clearly most of you are from the 'gimmee' generation. Well too bad, reader. You are going to get some tough love from the ole Hoosierboy today. I will not entertain you. I will not be your enabler. Find your kicks from some of the blogs listed over there on the right. Any one of them will do.

The boy starts down the state Babe Ruth tourney road this evening. It looks like he will be back in his accustomed outfield position. He prefers the action of the outfield anymore. As the kids get older and stronger he sees a lot more action. The full size diamond and outfield presents a challenge as he now has a lot more territory to cover.

I have not commented on the hypocrisy of the Clintons going after Bush for commuting Scooter Libby's prison sentence. That is a target too easy to hit. Heck, even the left-leaning MSM sees it as a joke.

We got some much needed rain the last two days. I mowed yesterday for the first time since before Memorial Day. The grass was brown and parched like you would expect in Mid-August. Crazy weather.

We have not done a Friday Five for a long time. The car driving down the street a moment ago brings a topic to mind. I could hear the bass thump-thumping, so let us discuss bassists. Name the five best bass players.

Here is my vote, in no particular order:

Chris Squire
John Paul Jones
John Entwistle
Paul McCartney (listen to some of the Beatles stuff closely, he is better than you imagine)
Greg Lake

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