August 13, 2007

Monday Musings

Coffee is done. I may make some bacon in a while.

Preseason football is tedious. There is no more to be said on that subject.

I had something important to write and by the time I got to the create post section, it slipped my mind. I must be getting old.

Carl Rove is making like horse shit -- hitting the trail. Who will the Dems claim is the evil genius behind the throne now?

That NASCAR race yesterday was fun to watch.

*&%$@#*&! Cubs.

Do they still make the Alley Oop comic strip? I read that thing from the time I was about eight until we moved here in 1989. My Mom and later my girlfriend used to cut them out of the paper and mail them to me every week while I was at college. Even my roommates were getting into it.

On the global warming hysteria front, summer continues. It is hot and humid. It is also still August. The little brook in the back yard is dried up. No snake sightings in months.

The little one started school today. He is not pleased. He is a big Eighth Grader. Next year he will be in High School.

I made lasagna for dinner last night. I served it along with a salad (with homemade dressing) and garlic bread. All five of us sat down and ate together -- the first time in ages. It was nice. I ate the last piece of garlic bread at about two in the am. I am not sure that was a great idea. What? You were not up watching the Rocky Marciano retrospective on ESPN Classic?

That chick that played Samantha on Bewitched -- she was hot.

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