August 22, 2007

A Night with Hoosierboy

I am rereading the Da Vinci Code. I really do not buy the premise, there are too many holes in the history. The book is a good read anyway. I decided to hop on the internet and look at an image of one of the paintings Brown was discussing. I found myself drawn to various websites debunking the book. Then, as usual, I was distracted into side research. This was always a problem in my budding historian days. I was always sidetracked by interesting side stories.

Quick interlude: I do have to say that the internet has simplified research so much. Kids today do not know the joy and anguish of going to the library and researching the subject through dry and dusty tomes. While one needs a jaundiced eye while researching on the web (you needed one with books too), it is a great starting point.

I click and read as Leno faded to Conan. I jumped back to the novel. I jumped back to the computer and stopped myself. I turned off the lights. I turned off my son's TV and watched him sleep for a few moments. I crept to the bed and snuggled down into the soft mattress. I pulled the pillow under my left arm, sleeping on my stomach. I put my face under the pillow and sprawled my left leg against my wife's butt. She was inher usual sleeping position, curled like a fetus, her back to me. Her warmth on my leg was a nice contrast to the cool sheets. I uttered a quick prayer of thanks as I drifted off to sleep.

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