September 10, 2007

Blue Monday

Well, I finally finished my August expense reports, a week or so over due. If I kept up with the paper work it would not take me a whole morning every month. What a pain, but it would be a bigger pain if I did not have an expense account!

We finally have everything almost put away, except for the stuff that goes on the walls; pictures, shelves and such.

I have a few rants building, it has been a long time since I launched a diatribe against the mental retards that make up the left in this country. I miss my trolls and the easy posts they provide. Too bad I have yet to find a troll that stays around to make a valid argument to prove his/her point. Most just get mad and go home. I guess cowards are yellow in every aspect of their life, even when it comes to standing up for ones principles.

Are you still buying the global warming hype? Scientists are jumping ship fast as research begins to flow.

I am reading a Bernard Cornwell book about Stonehenge. So far I am less than thrilled. I am into the book about 85 pages and it better shape up soon. Cornwell is one of my favorite wordsmiths. Usually he grips me long before this point in one of his tomes. For reference he wrote the Sharpe books and some others that are all good. I expect this one is going to get better.

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