September 11, 2007

September 11

If you need to be reminded that today is the anniversary of the cowardly attack of innocent Americans by sheep fucking, woman abusing followers of a child molester, I feel for you. If you fail to realize the only reason we were attacked is we do not follow the same religion of the camel dick suckers you are a moron. If you do not think we are at war, you are beyond stupid, you are too ignorant to pull your head from your ass. Who tells you to breathe, who ties your shoes, who cuts up your tofu steak, since I am sure you are not allowed sharp instruments?

If you believe the US Government, or the Joos, or GW himself perpetrated the attacks of 9/11 please do us all a favor and take a razor to your wrist, take a bottle of sleeping pills chased by a fifth of cheap whiskey and put a .45 in your mouth and pull the trigger. In the name of Darwin we will be all better off. Really, do not breed, do not respond, just kill yourself and do America a favor.

Never forget. Never surrender. God bless the souls of those that lost their lives. May those that brought such suffering rot in Hell.

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