September 19, 2007


As per usual I woke up at 6:00am this morning. Since this is the week for ISTEP (State standardized testing)I put in a pan of the Doughboy's cinnamon rolls. I woke the boy at 6:20. I sat in the chair watching the news and Sports Center alternately until he left for school at 7:00. As I sat there I had a great idea for a blog post. At 7:00 I got up the wife and went back to bed. This hour of sleep is the best I get. This morning I fell into a deep sleep and even had a wacky dream that I can only remember in snatches (hee hee he said 'snatch'). No it was not that kind of dream. I get up around 8:00 to begin my day as the wife leaves for work.

The coffee pot kicked on automatically and I checked work email, and took a quick look at the old blog. Unfortunately I cannot remember a single detail of my brilliant post to be.

The upshot of this story is you get more meaningless crap from me. I am becoming a master at spinning post after post that say nothing. It is a wwonder any of you continue to visit this poor excuse for a blog.

A sad state of affairs indeed.

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