September 14, 2007

Travelin' man

d'juh miss me? Beaucoup driving in the last two days, visiting customers and whatnot. Hell of a way to earn a living I say. Stayed in a Super 8 Motel last night. The room was OK, but there was no Internet of any kind.

The motel was flanked by a McDonald's and a KFC. I chose to exercise my fine dining option at KFC. There was a small herd of old biddies there doing the small town gossip parade. They were savaging one of the group's new daughter-in-law. One of the group made a great cut. She opined that it was a waste of money to buy new appliances for that girl, "they never get no use, except the microwave. She cooks the bejeezus out of TV dinners." A second added that the like new appliances might "help on the resale of the house when he comes to his senses and divorces that ...person." They moved on to the girlfriend of another son/grandson. They pointed out she was much older than she appeared, and everyone at that bank would know it if they could just "scrape off some of that makeup." And the insightful comment about the same banker: "She thinks she is so ht being 30 and branch manager. They send the people they want to get rid of to small towns like this. That ain't no promotion." I love small towns.

Why didn't the Patriots have to forfeit the game they cheated? $750K is peanuts (albeit a large bag of peanuts) to the Patriots. Lose a game, suspend the coach and give up draft choices now that is punishment for cheating. When a college team gets caught cheating they have top give up playing in the post season. That might fit as well. That also might hurt TV ratings -- cannot have that eh, Mr. Commissioner?

OJ might be involved in a crime. I guess he is writing a new book on how to steal memorabilia , if he were to do so.

Happy Friday.

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