September 12, 2007

Things you do not know about me volume 1

In the 2-1/2 years I have been publishing this drivel I have occasionally let you glimpse the true Hoosierboy. In the past I have opened the comments to your questions about my past, my mind, my true identity.

Well, here is something I bet you did not know:

I will not eat blue foods.

Blue is not a natural color for edibles. I have eaten purple mashed potatoes from exotic Peruvian tubers. Green beans and spinach are OK with my sensitive palate, but blue stuff will not cross my lips. Blue M&Ms: an outrage, pure pandering. Blue Jello, I think not. Blue Koolaid, juice, Gatorade, etc -- not natural. Berries are purple, not blue. I will never even consider blue ice cream.

If you consume blue foods you are a heathen. I bet you buy frozen chopped onions. Blue jello with suspended gummy fish may be a hit with the kids, but you might as well advocate cloning a human/zebra hybrid, that would be fun to look at too. It still would not be natural.

So keep your cotton candy, your M&Ms, your Jello. Bring me the natural foods that make me a happy boy. I am blue enough with out adding blue dye number 1 or blue lake number 7. I could make an exception if you have crabs and need to use the blue shampoo.

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