October 16, 2007

Damn you, Turks

Congress is intent on passing a resolution to condemn the Turks for the slaughter of Armenians back in 1915. As you can imagine, this is pissing of the Turks, one of our few allies in the Middle East. The Democrats who are obsessed with passing this resolution say it has nothing to do with making the long-term prosecution of the war in Iraq more difficult. After all, that Turkey is one of our major points of supply to our troops in Iraq is mere coincidence. I am sure Ms Pelosi will soon be introducing bills to condemn other acts of atrocity. Here is a starter list:

The Russians for the deaths of hundreds of Poles in the Katyn Forest

The Mexicans for the Alamo

The Japanese for Nanking, and Korea and Pearl Harbor

Che and his buddy Castro for his creative use of baseball fields

Pol Pot for the Killing Fields of Cambodia

Stalin for well, being Stalin

Ditto for Lenin (Funny how the Communist populate this list isn't it?)

The Seventh Cavalry for Wounded Knee

The Sioux and Cheyenne Indian Nations for the battle of Little Big Horn (fair is fair)

The Germans for massacre of three Roman Legions at Teutoberger Forest

The Germans for the killing of millions of Jews

Count Dracula for the slaughter of Muslims and Gypsies

Spain for the Incas, Aztecs and others

The US, Colorado Militia, and others for the Sand Creek Massacre

The Mexicans for Camerone

Scipio for the destruction of Carthage

The Greeks for the destruction of Troy and the slaughter of Persians at Marathon

The Persians for the slaughter of Greeks at Thermopylae

And most of all the Congress should condemn that British guy for burning those people alive in the church in the movie The Patriot. That act will make as much sense as going after the Turks for an event nearly one hundred years ago. The slaughter of the Armenians is pretty small potatoes compared to the record of killing and murder by the Communists and Socialists whose philosophy is so admired by Speaker Pelosi.

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