October 17, 2007

Wednesday Whines

Here is what is coursing through my mind on a Wednesday morning:

Mrs Goldbloom,I know you are busy. I know it is quite possible life has tossed you curve balls, there may be problems we do not know. You may be bored with whole blogging thing. Take five minutes and tell us you will not be posting any more. Look at Alli's site for a template.

Alli, please come back. At least leave me a comment that you are alive and well.

A thick, juicy steak sure sounds good.

I have slipped into a mode of too much snacking lately. I have lost about 20 lbs. and I think it is coming back. Willpower HB, willpower.

I need to start getting a little exercises. I have dropped my lunchtime walk habit. I will try to rectify that beginning today.

Here is what I think -- the economy is going to take a HUGE downturn in the next months, probably just prior to the elections. I am seeing a significant slowdown in my customer base, and the forecasts for next year are far from rosy. The stock market and unemployment are not yet reflecting this, but trust me, it is coming. Yesterday I heard a couple of people talking at the gas station and the lady said she just got laid off. That is a phrase we have not heard for a while. The big question is who will get blamed -- Bush or the Dems in Congress if things go bad.

Baseball needs to start shortening the days in the first rounds of the playoffs. The prospect of the World Series in Cleveland or Colorado or Boston played in a driving snowstorm is very real this time of year.

Football finally ended for the little one last night. The team lost again. One win in two years. The coaches finally used more than three plays from the playbook. That is all they used in the previous three games. The game previous they ran EVERY play to the right for the entire game. Then they punished the boys for losing by making them run. In last night's finale, the coaches changed nearly every position and only played 14 kids total in the whole game -- offense, defense and special teams. They seemed really confused when the team ran out of gas in the fourth quarter. The head coach was livid that most of the team took off their helmets and sat down on the bench in the last half of the game. In my years in organized sports I have never seen a worse bunch of coaches.

Seriously, how can anyone consider electing Hillary. I beg anyone to tell me why they would cast a vote for her. I am truly baffled by her popularity.

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