October 2, 2007

Eat Me Tony

Tony Kornheiser is a complete blowhard. He and Jaws constant screaming at each other makes Monday Night Football nearly unwatchable. His effusive praise for the New England team coached by Bill Bellicheater makes me sick. Arguing this is the best team ever and that we should expect the patriots to go 16-0 because he does not see anyone that can beat them is a bit much. New England is very, very good. But their opponents so far are a combined 4-12. Any of the elite teams would look good playing those teams.

The Colts have beaten the Pats three straight times. They play again AT Indy. New England also has to play Pittsburgh and Dallas. Let us take a look at the records after those games. New England might very well be undefeated at that point, but could we hold off with the greatest team ever talk until the teams have played more than 1/4 of the season?

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