October 2, 2007

Tom Paine, Call your office...

Lately, I find myself trying to come up with topics to write about. The quality of posts for the past several months reflects this. I cannot imagine anyone is interested in my daily travels or family life. I have not had the time or desire to publish a history lesson that so few of you find entertaining or interesting. I would guess the response is ditto for sports. One of my favorite topics has always been politics. You will notice there has little written on this site about politics for some time. My interest has not waned, but I find myself overcome by a sense of inevitability.

We rallied to defeat an immigration amnesty bill, only to have it again hidden in a defense appropriation bill. The flood of immigrants has not abated. Hospitals, social services, schools and law enforcement are overburdened with the cost in language, time, and increased services required by the influx of third world immigrants.

It is inevitable we will get some kind of government sponsored health care. The people will scream for it. The Conservatives will agree for a minimal program, only to see it grow over time into complete socialized medicine. Twenty years from now we will complain about the poor care, the long waits and wonder why our best and brightest no longer want to enter the health care field.

Despite mountains of evidence that socialism/communism are abject failures EVERYWHERE they are tried, we are moving toward a bigger, more intrusive government. Hillary says she wants to give every child $5,000 at birth. She just bought millions of votes. Many people will think they get the cash upfront -- pennies for placenta. A few more will actually believe that $5K will be a fortune in 18 years. Given steady inflation and the current interest rates, that money will no more buy a car or house at that time than it does now. In any case, if you give something for nothing you only create a greater demand. The poorly educated-lower wage-immigrant-welfare-driven-all for more government portion of our society will be fucking like rabbits.

I am disappointed in the President, the Congress and the Republicans in general for forgetting the principles and the voters that got them there. They have not learned the lesson of the last election, of Reagan's victories -- move Right! They have put the leftists back in charge. For some reason compromise only seems to go one way. Where is the strong leader that will stand up and say the truth, that will call out the leftist for what they are, that will stand up against illegal immigrants and universal health care? Who will point out clearly that radical Islam is our enemy, that giving away money just for being born is not a right or permitted in the Constitution? Who will propose smaller government, less taxes, and more freedom? Who will stand up and say it is not the Government's business if I smoke, do not wear a seat belt or fry my potatoes in beef fat? Who will reaffirm my right to fill in a puddle in my back yard or clear a logjam from the stream next to my property? Who will stand up a defend my right to own a gun?

Our country is moving in a direction I cannot fathom, but I feel powerless to stop it. Senators and the press say and publish lies, yet there is no censure. Show me a politician that is honest and I will show you a politician that has not been caught. Show me a fair and unbiased reporter and I will tell you he will soon be unemployed. I can find nothing positive in today's discourse.

I have been called at various times a bulldog, a mule, hard headed, stubborn, a fighter. This is by my family. Yet I find myself beaten to the canvass by life, by politics, by unrelenting religious fanatics, by by the news, the world at large. I can duck and counter-punch the the blows life gives me in the microcosm. I can handle the bills, work, and daily tribulations.

It is the larger fight, the hammer of haymnakers from politicos and Muslims and the left wingers hell-bent on destroying our Constitution I can no longer defend against. I stand here, wobbling on my feet, waiting on the bell to give me respite. I feel a sense of defeat I have never before experienced. A tiny voice in my brain whispers that the American people, the Western World at large, does not have the stomach for the fight against Radical Islam. We are not willing to see dead mothers and children and babies. We are not willing to destroy holy places, churches and mosques. We are not willing to sacrifice for generations to ensure the supremacy of our culture. We lack a Charles Martel, a Tours, a King Richard.

We do not have the resources to fight the battle in our schools where our children are hammered with socialist propaganda every day. Where they are taught global warming is real and caused by man (especially Americans), that other societies and governments are better or as good as our own, where self esteem is more important than reading or long division. They are taught that citizens of the US should be ashamed because of (name your reason), where there should be no losers in sports.

The takers are outnumbering the producers in this country. Since ancient times the historians and elders have decried the young, claimed that society is going to hell. For once, as it applies to these United States, I believe it is true. We are seeing the effects of decay of the disease of liberalism eat away the skeleton that holds our nation together.

I no longer have the energy to rant about it. I feel like I am pissing against a hurricane wind. I will post again when I have something to say. Thanks for reading.

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