October 25, 2007

Enough about the cheating Patriots already...

Blah, blah, blah The Patriots are the greatest team ever...score soooo many points...blah, blah. They said that about the Rams a few years ago too. They lost in the Super bowl to a balanced team with a good defense. The Colts can score on anyone. The game on November 4 will come down to who has the better defense, who can get a key turnover.

The Patriots wil not go undefeated, even if they beat the Colts. Even an egomaniac like Belicheater will rest his starters after Home field and the playoffs are a lock. Do you really think he will plays his starters against winless Miami in a meaningless game in December?

Honestly, who would you choose for your team -- harrison, Wayne and Clark or that pothead Moss. Like TO, his poison will come out and infect the whole team.

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