November 8, 2007

How not to start the day

I overslept this morning. I have not done that in ages. I am still not sure what happened. I am positive I turned the alarm on, I must have turned it off in my sleep. In any case I woke with a start about 20 minutes late. It put the little one behind the eight ball on time, but he took a quick shower and we left about five minutes later than usual for school. He made it on time.

I have to do my expense reports today. I hate doing my expenses. I should do them every week, then the pain would be lessened, but for some reason I do them at the maximum interval allowed -- one month at a time. I was supposed to mail them this past Monday, so I am already late. To make matters worse, I am out of envelopes. Then there is the trip to the post office...I know I am making excuses.

Seriously, does anyone find this crap interesting?

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