November 7, 2007

I deal with idiots

I just had to bitch slap an engineer. He made some slights against me I could not let pass. If he hadn't copied everyone in the company with his critical and wrong email, I would have let it go. When you single me out in an email to my boss and the President of the company among others, well, you get what you ask for. The sad part is this guy is so far off base he hasn't a clue.

Update. While writing this post I just got a call from a different engineer thanking me for my email. He has been arguing my exact points for a week.

I spent 11-1/2 hours driving and 2-1/2 hours in meetings yesterday to discuss the same items with a customer we covered in August. This time a big honcho from customer's corporate office ran the meeting. The buyer and I had already covered the same items long ago. The buyer smirked and I smiled politely. Now the big cheese is involved, so things will go smoothly -- ha!

edit. Some people do not know when they are kicked. They guy has to respond, making his same ridiculous assertions. I emailed him back in private, but I am sure it was to no avail. If I was not sure I would somehow get found out and fired I would publish the correspondence here, just to show you what I deal with.

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