November 8, 2007


With apologies to Jean and her wonderful blog "Pondering" there is an issue or two I am pondering.

One of the races for city council in my town came to a tie on election day. Both candidates are considering a recount petition. The local fishwrap today had an article about the race.

One party says they are looking to see if they have the money to pay for a recount, or if they want the city council to decide the race (as per statute). They feel confident the absentee ballots (there were only 24 in that ward)were counted and the machines worked as advertised. Electric voting machines have been used in this city and county for years without an issue.

The other party has hired an attorney to look into possible voter aberrations and problems with the machines. "[P]arty leaders and supporters...are trying to find election-day anomalies, discrepancies and events that might translate into an extra vote."

Guess which position was taken by the Democrat Party? In their arrogance they cannot conceive they would lose an honest election. Too bad the last two elections have been swept by the Republicans -- they hold EVERY office in the city and county at this time.

I guess if I were a Democrat I would be desperate for any victory I could find.

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