January 3, 2008

From One to Fifteen Hundred

My first post was on March 22, 2005. This is number 1,500. That is an average of close to 1.5 posts/day -- every day, seven days a week. Your average newspaper columnist writes about twice a week. Of course I do not represent I write with the skill or quality of your typical newsman. I will say there are many days I think my work compares favorably with the scribes in my local birdcage liner. That is more a reflection on the quality of my local newspaper than my body of work, however. I have no idea how many words I have flung into the Ethernet, but I have spent way too many hours on this crazy hobby. So many great bloggers have hung up their keyboards. I miss them all. But I keep finding new friends and blogs to give me the entertainment I crave. There are a lot of bloggers who are more prolific, a great many have more readers daily, and more links. Like my life, this old blog is just average, 80-100 readers with some high-quality links. A few of the cool kids link me, and a lot of good people have me on the old blog roll. Thank you all.

Here is to you good reader. Thanks for stopping by.

On a completely different note, Thank AlGore for global warming. Otherwise it would be downright cold. It is a blistering four (4) Fahrenheit at the old homestead right now.

Who in the hell decided f-ing Iowa and New Hampshire could set the election stage. The whole Iowa Caucus thing is a joke (read up on how it works). How did two of our smallest states get so powerful? I guess it is better than letting the granola bars from Californication decide. How about this idea -- we have a national primary day in all fifty states on the same day? It seems to work for the national elections. That way every state would have a say in which bad choice is available for the national elections.

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