January 2, 2008

Monday on Wednesday

The coffee is on. I will pour a cup after I type this sentence. Did you miss me?

Well I am back to work today. I have been on vacation since the seventeenth of December, although the first several days I worked anyway, especially the 17th and 18th. I guess I am glad it is a short week, ease into it a bit. The next week or so will be slow as the industrial might of the nation kicks into gear. Most of my customers will not have time to see me until mid-month, even if I do offer a free lunch or dinner. In any case going back to work offers little excitement. I could live the retired life. I did like getting the paychecks though! I guess I will keep working.

The Daughter has to go back to school Thursday or Friday, the oldest son returns to College on Sunday. The wife and son go back to work and Middle School on Monday. Christmas break is ending for us all. I will miss the kids. It has been great having them home. In the face of Christmas bills, rising fuel costs and shrinking savings with two in College, I know one fact. I am a seriously rich man. Not in cash. But I did win life's lottery. For that I offer humble thanks to God.

A new year is upon us, I have made no resolutions. I intend to try and be happy every day. I want to try to learn something new every day. Those goal are nothing new for me. I think that is enough. They sound like simple goals but doing each makes for a tough day on occasion.

As we head into the New Year I want to reiterate what I said at Christmas, Thank You to each of you that takes time out of your busy day to read my brain droppings. Your visits and comments contribute far more than you know to helping me meet my daily goals of happiness and education. I am indeed blessed.

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