February 21, 2008

Random Ramblings

Genetics is a funny thing. I have thick wavy hair ( well not as thick as it used to be and I keep pretty short so it looks straight). My daughter and youngest son have very fine straight hair. My oldest son has very thick curly hair. My wife used to have very curly hair until my last kid was born and it became very straight -- weird, Huh? We all have dark hair. Only the youngest shares my blue eyes.

Only my oldest son is left handed. He bats and throws a baseball right handed though. The youngest does everything right handed except batting and golfing. I am all right handed.

I finished the last Sharpe book and started Don Brockette's America Falling last night. So far it is a pretty good read. Go to your favorite book seller and order it if you haven't already. The current book will be number 23 I have read since the first of the year.

More winter weather is expected this evening. The temp is still in the teens. I know those of you north have it worse for cold and snow, but this has been a cold winter. I have not had a cigar since before Thanksgiving -- it has just been too cold.

Well, as you can see I have nothing to offer you right now. Check back I may have a real post later.

Oh, and April -- there are five there. You just have to look!

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