February 21, 2008

Black Thursday

Man o Man I hate it when I get into one of these moods. Every little thing just pisses me off. I just watched the garbage men take the neighbor's can and drop it right in the street after dumping it into the truck. They threw my lids like a frisbee into the yard so I would have to climb over the piles of snow along the driveway to get them. I guess if you are a pathetic loser that can only find work handling garbage you have to get your thrills where you can.

I spent over four hours on hold and talking to idiots about a computer problem on my daughters new laptop. Right after the first of the year the screen just turned black, refused to light up. It was not the blue screen of death -- just a blank nothing. They kept it for more than three weeks. After it was returned, the daughter spent all day reloading all of her programs, files, etc. (They promised they would not delete that stuff). The next day -- all black again. They are telling me they hope to ship it out by the end of the month. Two months without a computer. The jerks cannot understand why I am pissed. What really chaps my ass, is if you marke dos you can talk to someone in the US. The rest of us get to talk to faceless jerkoffs in Calcutta. You can never speak to the same person twice. You know the drill if you have ever had to call customer support for any of the computer companies. If just one of them offered decent support and customer service they could own the market.

I have a flat top electric stove. You know, where the burners are hidden. The stove comes with a light on the surface to tell you the stove is hot. The bastard will not shut off. The little red beacon stays lit 24-7 in an effort to send me over the edge. I keep touching the burners in an idiotic determination to either burn myself or prove the electronic circuitry is fucked up.

Regarding the coaching situation at Indiana: either fire the guy or let it go. Enough already. If Sampson violated the terms of his probation, if he committed the same violations again, he is too stupid to coach a six year old team at the local Boys Club. If IU did not construct a contract that made the agreement null and void upon breaking of any NCAA rules, they are too stupid to be trusted with any aspect of educating our children. They should be fired and barred from ever having a job in the education field or a taxpayer job in the future. A stiff and complete kneecapping may also be in order.

Did Obama-rama really say that for the first time in his life he is finally proud of his country? I do not doubt it. He is too good to pay proper respect to the flag, he does not think we need to have English as our official language and he is an avowed socialist. If he has not seen any good in the United States of fucking America over the last forty years, he should find another place to live. If you are considering voting for this inexperienced vacant headed smile, you are a sap, a moron, an uneducated puff. Are concerned about his Wahhabi upbringing? Are you concerned about putting another Dimocrit with shady land deals in his past? Are you concerned about his multitudinous of "Present" votes in the Illinois Legislature? Are you concerned he has no principled stand on anything except vacant "change" and "Hope"? Cheese and Crackers people, we are all in favor of hope. I almost to the point I would rather have the Hildebeast than this son of a bitch. At least we know what evil lies in her shrivelled black heart.

Does our Government really think we are so dumb that we believe they were concerned about the possible environmental issues involving the fuel from the dying spy satellite? We blew it up so the technology inside does not fall into our enemies hands. The only real concern was if we really wanted to show the Ruskies and the Chicoms and the rat bastard Euroweenies how easily we could pluck a satellite from the heavens. Concerned about the fuel inside -- what bullshit.

I am hungry, and now I am pissed off. I hope you are happy. I would also like to offer a half-felt apology to my pal Supergurl for going off in her comments.

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