March 3, 2008

Making sense of the consumer price index

Back to the grind. Monday, Monday indeed ( I always channel the Mommas and the Poppas on a Monday morning). The weather was beautiful yesterday. Baseball starts in less than a month. The boy and I tossed around a ball for a while yesterday. It above sixty for the first time since, well a long time. I swept out the garage and smoked a cigar while the boy got out his dirtbike and rode around the neighborhood. It took both of us kicking the starter in turns for about 20 minutes to get it going. I was out of starting fluid. Back to winter beginning tonight, with highs in the thirties the balance of the week. Mother Nature you are one evil fickle bitch.

Posting may or may not be slow the next few weeks. I will be busting my hump. I have been tasked with visiting every customer in the next two to three weeks. The message I will be delivering will not be welcome. You can guess the details. Let me say that steel makes up the largest percentage of cost for the products we produce. This is why I get the big bucks. Bad news is a tough sell in a down economy.

Now that we are into March, it is officially my Birthday Month. Time to start thinking about my gifts. Only a few shopping days left! Remember, if you are not actively working to make my life better -- you should be helping someone who is. It is all about the Hoosierboy, people. Go forth and prosper. As my buddy says -- Prosperity Now!

Here is a thought for those of you in Ohio and Texas. Hillary bills herself as the candidate of experience. B. Hussein Obama has actually spent more time as an elected official. Look it up.

Oh, and are these intermittent chest pains natural?

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