March 18, 2008

Where do you stand?

I joke around a lot here. I want to make a statement in as clear and straight forward language as possible.

Any person who states that the 3,000 innocent victims of September 11 might have deserved to die because of the domestic or foreign policies of the USA is despicable human being and no better than the terrorist who committed the cowardly murders.

Any politician that excuses, justifies, and overlooks such hateful commentary because of real or perceived racism is just as evil. The condoning of murder can never be excused.

Never mind Obama lied all weekend about knowing his pastor held anti-American views. Never mind my profound differences in politics. The tacit acceptance and refusal of B Obama to disown a supposed minister of God for saying innocent people got what they deserved just for living in this nation is inexcusable.

If you agree with the Reverend Wright, you are also a hate-filled evil person. This is not politics or a question of free speech. This calls into question your decency as a human.

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