March 18, 2008

Learn Something

A year or so ago I read David McCullough's book about John Adams. McCullough has long been one of my favorite historians. He writes history like a fiction novel. Well-researched, his books are always great reads. If this author can make the building of the Panama Canal exciting, imagine what he can do with one of our Founding Fathers and Abagail Adams. Mrs. Adams was a brilliant educated woman.

I watched the first two episodes of the Tom Hanks produced miniseries based on the book John Adams. It is terrific. It should be required watching in every school in this nation. Every elected official in the nation should be forced to watch an endless loop until they understand the role of Government and the Rights of Man.

Too bad the show is on HBO. I do not get that at home. Unless the box price is too high I will own this series when it comes out.

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