April 18, 2008


There was a minor earthquake in the area this morning (5.4 rs). It was about on the magnitude of a really strong peal of thunder, only it lasted about 10 or 20 seconds. You know the kind of thunder I am talking about if you live in the Midwest. It shakes the house, rattles the windows and such. The whole thing was no big deal, just strong enough to wake me up. After the earthquake the wife moved some very heavy candlesticks and a brick on the shelf above my side of the bed. What is up with that?

Anyway, in typical fashion, the local news went crazy with wall to wall coverage. They even pre-empted the Today Show to extend the coverage of the earthquake. Keep in mind, there was NO DAMAGE, NO INJURIES, and many people (including my son) did not even wake up. The news (every Indy channel) took calls and read emails from viewers telling about their "experience". Each account was the same -- "the walls shook and the windows rattled". What kind of loser speed dials the local TV station to tell his story? This is the biggest non-event since the blizzards that did not happen this winter.

In other exciting news I went to a concert last night. There were no guitar solos, pyrotechnics or roadies. It was a combo Eighth Grade/ High School band concert. It was only slightly less thrilling than the Earthquake 2008. The good news is this is my very last band concert. The boy is dropping band after this year. I wonder if that will make the local news?

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