June 7, 2008

Noah, call your office

Holy crap, is it ever going to stop raining? I have come to believe lightening and thunder is the natural state of things. I do not have any firm statistics, but I bet we have been drenched with more than a foot of rain in the last 5 days. Some of the areas just west of here have more than 8 inches in the last 12 hours, and I suspect we got close to that. the lake that was once my side yard can attest to the saturated ground. The Big Blue River was out of its banks more than a quarter mile before last night's deluge.

My oldest son started a new job last night. He will be valet parking cars at the casino that is scheduled to open here in the hometown. They had a trial run for the gaming commission and local dignitaries last night. The big opening is scheduled for next week. he pulled in almost $60 in tips, plus $8.50/hour. Not a bad summer job. He says he is going to keep working at Pizza Hut as well.

The youngest has been asked to play with the high school baseball team in the their summer league (at least some of the games). He is an incoming freshman, so he is pretty excited. He will likely not get much playing time, but it is still pretty cool. His first game was scheduled for today, but given the weather, it looks doubtful. Babe Ruth league games were cancelled for last night due to flooded fields, so I expect he will be out of luck tomorrow for the regular games.as well (this is his regular league where he mainly plays).

Tomorrow is the wife's birthday. She will be x years old. I am not an idiot people, she may not read this, but she may discover it someday.

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