June 8, 2008

And so it goes

Wow. It finally stopped raining around noon yesterday. In all we got over eight inches of rain in about 12 hours. That makes the total for the last week in the neighborhood of 16-18 inches. Over to the west, near Goldbloom's house, got really pounded too. About 1-1/2 hours after yesterday's post the oldest boy headed off to work and drove through a puddle. This puddle was up to my knees when I went to push his stalled car from the water. This was about two blocks away. Now the car will not start. It gives a Huh when you turn the key. Since I know about as much about cars as I do quantum physics, I guess I will have to have it towed. I hope it is just new plugs and points, and not life-threatening. That little Escort is on its last legs and I really do not want to spend much more on it. We spent about $2000 last summer in repairs. We only paid $3500 for it to begin with. I am just not in any position to buy a new car right now. The boy, he is OK after I smacked him in the head and broke both knees with a baseball bat. In my mind. Actually, I just smiled and told him not to worry, these things happen.

I finally got around to opening my cell phone bill for last month (it is due this week)and for some reason the bastards have started charging me for internet usage on my Treo. I am supposed to have unlimited use for a flat fee. The charges are over $200! Now I have to fight about that. Contrary to the perception, I do not enjoy getting pissed and fighting with assholes.

In all, yesterday was a pretty crummy day.

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