June 4, 2008

Melancholy Man

Wow, what a cutielanche I was gifted by Erica, I think she sent every peep from Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn over here. Hey, all youse guys keep comin' back. We may talk funny out here in flyover country, but I can offer you some history, some politics, an occasional good cartoon, a slice of my mundane life and some occasional humor. In other words you never know what you will find here, exept a heavy dose of mediocrity. I really know how to sell it, eh?

I am off this morning to the Second City. We will see how the old back holds up. Driving seems to be the only thing that really bothers me still. I am delivering you this pathetic post through the super sekrit blogger schedule post feature. I have used it to do the last few Friday Five posts. If you care, this weeks post is already done, and will be published on Thursday. Do not get confused and knock off for the weekend a day early! Anyway this week we will feature absolutely revolting and horrible songs from the 1970s. Bring your barf bags and play along.

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